Acne Ingredients

While acne and blemish prone skin is usually associated with adolescence, many people continue to suffer with excess oil and imperfections well into adulthood.


Ingredients Used for full Acne

  • Salicylic Acid: used to unclog pores, resolve and prevent lesions and to correct any abnormal shedding of your skin cells.
  • Topical Antimicrobials – help disinfect the skin including Benzoyl Peroxide – used to clear away oils and dead cells from the skin.
  • Topical Retinoids – derived from Vitamin A and is used to unclog pores preventing whiteheads and blackheads from developing. Tretinoin (sometimes known as Retin-A) works well for most skin types.

Acne Product Ranges Products containing exfoliating ingredients known as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA’s) i.e. Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid help prevent blackheads and spots.

Dream Dots help with occasional breakouts and pimples and are a go to emergency pimple treatment. Dream Dots hydrocolloid cant patches use moist healing which heals the skin up to 50% quicker.

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