Can You Wear Those Little Acne Patches in Public?

When I was a twelve years old I loved nothing more than stickers. Really, I loved all school supplies that allowed me to express my id but stickers always topped the list. I put them all over my notebooks and Illinois public school-issued desk, much like I highlighted every single word in every single textbook with yellow marker when given the opportunity.

I’m older, but my interests haven’t strayed all that far from what they were in middle school (namely, forcing my dad to drive me to Walgreens for new pencils and wearing too-tiny cat-eye glasses on my enormous moonface). I like makeup now more than I used to, and I’m also more paranoid that people are glaring at my face, inspecting it for flaws that speak to my moral character. So instead of highlighting social studies textbooks, I now highlight features with such fervor that I’ve coined my signature over-strobed aesthetic That Wet Look. And yes, I covered my entire air conditioning unit and MacBook in floral washi tape yesterday, but other than that I’ve mostly been putting stickers on my face in the name of becoming hotter.

I’m talking about Dream Dots acne patches, which are basically really just clear stickers you put over your pimples. To be clear, I find other acne patches altogether ineffective, regardless of their added acids and tree oils. I’ve tried every single brand, from Nexcare to Cosrx, peter roth acne dots. The best one I’ve tried is called Dream Dots for spots.

Really, the best acne patch I’ve found isn’t an acne patch at all, but a hydrocolloid blister bandage. Hydrocolloid bandages create a puffy little gel layer around the wound (in this case, the pimple I picked at), which seals the area in an air-tight bubble. No bacteria can get in there, and slowly, the zit comes to a head and pulls the badness into the patch leaving your skin healing in the moist environment. 

The real magic, or perhaps just slight-of-hand, in honest-to-god acne patches is their purported ability to be worn under your make up. That way, instead of caking industrial-strength concealer over a crusty-ass pimple, you have a smooth surface to work with. In theory, I see this working. And in real life, you could probably get away with wearing these on your face and your fellow public transportation passengers or brethren in the CVS pharmacy pick-up line would be none the wiser, a must have for every make up bag. 

Zap out painful, unsightly zits with Dream Dots - 18 ct. This helpful skin care patch assists in heal acne by protecting the affected area from bacteria and medicating with Dream Dots advanced healing formula.

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