Not much has changed in the way of acne treatment over the past decade, especially when it comes to topical options. Benzoyl peroxide, sulfur-based compounds and salicylic acid are mainstays. They all sort of work, but all of them have some disadvantages. Then there are the so-called natural options, most notably tea tree oil, which has been proven to have some benefits but is far from from a magic bullet. Thankfully, there's now a new option in your fight against pesky pimples: the Dream Dots acne patch.

So, how do Dream Dots acne patches work?

Unlike spot creams and ointments, Dream Dots won’t dry out, sting or hurt your skin. Dream Dots are breathable, flexible, durable, and feature a unique, opaque satin lining so it conceals while you heal. Acting as a second skin once sealed the Dream Dot conforms to any contour of the face. Dream Dots treat spots, zits and pimples on target using no harsh ingredients yet gives dramatically powerful and effective results.  On contact with the spot the patented gel begins to absorb and lock in the pore exudate.  A moist healing environment is formed maintaining ideal PH balance, temperature control and hydration levels which leads to faster healing. The pain is reduced as nerve endings are protected and cushioned in this moist condition. It will swell and turn white overnight as it absorbs exudates giving you visible results when you remove it in the morning.

Dream Dots are a class 2a medical device and hail from wound care principles, because if you think about it, a zit is just one big, disgusting, oozy wound. These patches are made out of a thicker, flexible hydrocolloid material. The Dream Dot once sealed helps keep the area protected from trauma and can absorb excess fluid which allows it to heal faster. Dream Dots also keep the acne from drying out, which can speed up healing time by 50%.

Dream Dots essentially work like pimple liposuction. The material in the patch physically draws gunk out of the blemish; it then gets sucked into the patch and away from your skin. You can actually see a white pod in the middle of the patch when you remove it, which is either very satisfying or very disgusting, depending on your feelings about exudate. The blemish will be noticeably flatter and calmer when you pull the patch off. 

What about the other brands I have seen online?

Although some patch dressings may seem similar in appearance there are many differences in structure, flexibility, dimensions, fluid handling properties and in performance parameters to the Dream Dots patented. The ability to absorb exudate depends on the dressing and its properties. The main problems with many hydrogel and hydrocolloid adhesive pad compositions are


Their susceptibility to breakdown upon exposure to exudate and fluids (i.e. their lack of structural integrity after being hydrated).


The ability to absorb exudate depends on the thickness of the dressing and its structural balance, which have important implications for the ability of the different products to cope under pressure which in turn can lead to leakage.

No seal / Border

To create the optimal moist environment for absorption, healing and balancing ph and hydration levels, the effect will only occur if the dressing forms an adequate seal over the wound. Once this seal is broken the mechanism fails.

Lack of conformability

Wrinkling / Roll up of the pad due to the thickness of the adhesive layer and the movement of the user’s skin. This lack of conformability may lead to lift off and or a wrinkling effect creates a channel-like passageway in the peripheral surface of the patch. This channel like passageway will allow contaminants into the wound or may allow fluids from the wound and/or adhesive to exit the border of the patch.

Lack of Tack

Many conventional hydrocolloid or hydrogel adhesive compositions is their initial lack of tack at room temperature.

Lower Absorption

See test comparison attached. 

Such problems of conventional hydrocolloid and hydrogel adhesive compositions result in product failure. 


Why Choose Dream Dots?

Dream Dots are the only patch in the world which is proven to work and is regulated and manufactured as a class IIa medical device.