Dream Dots Acne Patch Review - How it Works, Ingredients, How to Use, and Where to Buy

Dream Dots Acne Patch – What they are and How They Work

Dream Dots Acne Absorbing Covers or most commonly known as Dream Dots acne patches are water-based, stick-on hydrocolloid dressing tapes ( acne stickers) that adhere firmly to your skin and gradually absorb the gunk (pus and oils) in pimples. These are clear in colour, circular pimple patches come packed in 24 patches per box.

How Does Dream Dots Acne Patch Work?

Dream Dots acne cover works by drying out acne blemishes while at the same time providing a protective barrier against dirt and infections due to squeezing and picking of pimples, a common temptation that not only delays healing but also increase scarring risk. That way, the patch aids in faster healing of acne blemishes. The stickers act like a sponge, physically absorbing the gunk (pus, oily secretions, and other debris) in pimples. Since Dream Dots acne patches are non-medicated, they have the added benefit of not drying out your skin – a common side effect of standard acne medications e.g. benzoyl peroxide. You are actually able to tell that the Dream Dots dressing is doing the magic; the sticker will turn white the moment all the oil has been sucked out. After removing the patch, the blemishes will be significantly less-angry and flatter. If reviews are anything to go by, most people seem to agree with the manufacturer’s claim that they are breathable and comfortable to the skin.

Does Dream Dots Acne Patch Work For Cystic Acne?

The patch is not best suited for whiteheads, pimples and cysts that have just broken out. Instead use it on inflamed zits that have formed the characteristic pus-filled, yellow centres or seems “mature”. The hydrocolloid acne patch will suck out and get rid of the gunk accumulated inside the cyst or pimple, while at the same time discouraging you from picking and squeezing at the lesions.

Where to Buy Dream Dots Acne Patches

As regards where to get Dream Dots acne stickers, that will essentially vary depending on your country of residence. Retail outlets and online stores aside, you may also find the patches at your local pharmacy.

You can buy Dream Dots here: 




How to Use Dream Dots Acne Patch

Clean your hand, then face with warm water and a gentle cleanser.

Pat it dry with a clean towel.

Peel one Dream Dots Acne Cover Absorbing Cover from the plastic film liner and stick it on the acne pimple.

Pat the edges gently to secure the cover firmly on the skin.

Change the cover daily (preferably at intervals of no more than 8 hours). If it turns white before the end of the day (or night), indicating that oily secretions have been sucked out, change to a new one. Simply peel the patch off gently and discard it away.

If you want, you can finish off by applying your makeup.

Although the translucent stickers blend right into your skin in such a way that they are not so noticeable, not to mention that you can wear them under your makeup, I would recommend using them at night.

*No side effects have been reported for Dream Dots patches, but there is always the possibility of reaction to the hydrocolloid material. If that happens, discontinue use.