Spot the difference - Acne patches

Many dupe acne patches have appeared online since Dream Dots launched its revolutionary  patented hydrocolloid spot pimple solution but none of them have come close to achieving the results that you get from Dream Dots. Most of these other patches (Peter Thomas Roth acne dots, Nexcare acne patches, Cosrx pimple master patch, Oxy acne patch, miacare ok acne patch) are made of different types of  material. Hydrogel does not have any absorption/extraction properties but does act as a barrier to outside contaminants like a band aid. These patches including his have no border and been dipped in a salicylic acid and tea tree which is extremely drying, irritating and damaging on the open pore. To make matters worse - because they can't absorb they actually cause sweating under the patch which inflames the spot even more.

  • Dream Dots contain no harsh, drying or drug ingredients - we promote natural moist healing which is proven to heal 50% quicker than dry healing.
  • Dream Dots are made of patented layers which absorbs 3 x times its weight in fluid.  
  • Dream Dots patented absorbing matrix stops recontamination of the exudate in the pore, it locks it into its centre - meaning the 'badness' is removed with the patch. 
  • Dream Dots have a patented ridged border edge around its matrix which once sealed create a second skin healing environment.
  • Dream Dots are the only medical device patch on the market which allow us to have all of our claims. Adheres, Absorbs, Retains, Heals, Relieves, Protects and Prevents. 
We are in a patch league of our own !