The Best Acne Patches

dream dots vs lower grade acne patches

While pimple patches may not be the most glamorous of beauty products, they're an absolute essential to keep on-hand. As long as you've got a pack of the best acne patches at your disposal, you’ll be able to eliminate blemishes that are just budding, ones that have come to a head, and even those deeply-clogged blackheads that are so difficult to extract.

Made of hydrocolloid, a substance renowned for its use in medical dressings for the way it absorbs any excess fluid associated with healing, these patches are placed on top of blemishes to suck out all the makeup, dirt, and impurities, not to mention pus, that could be making your pimple appear so prominent. They then turn those impurities into a gel-like form that adheres to the sticker, which stays tightly sealed beneath the patch's protective barrier to keep it out of your pores and off your face. The result? An almost-instant solution for curing your very worst breakouts.

Since these patches have become so popular, many brands have come out with their own variation — so it’s important to know the one which actually works. To not make your breakouts worsen, you want to look for hydrocolloid patches that are non-irritating, anti-bacterial, and contain only hydrocolloid. 

Every minute you’re waiting for that red, swollen pimple to heal and vanish is a minute too long! But now…your wait is OVER! Dream Dots instantly hides your pimples while healing them. They’re so discreet that friends & coworkers will hardly notice them. Finally, an easy way to conceal & heal – and live life uninterrupted by pimples. As featured in Vogue & Cosmopolitan!

  • Wear To Work, School, ANYWHERE! – Hide & heal pimples while you sleep at night or outside in daylight – tapered edge & translucent material makes them near impossible to see – even wear MAKEUP!
  • Slip Dream Dots In Your Purse, Wallet, Backpack – Store a sheet of Dots anywhere so you’re always prepared for that surprise pimple!
  • Patented NATURAL Healing Technology – As infected pores naturally open and expel the pimple’s contents, the patented hydrocolloid matrix absorbs, retains, and removes it.
  • Keeps Your Skin Hydrated & Healthy – The sealed patch locks in moisture, creating a warm, moist environment that prevents damaging and drying out your skin while it heals.
  • Prevents Picking & Popping – The protective barrier prevents dirty fingers & external contaminants from aggravating pimples which can increase inflammation & redness and even lead to scarring.
  • 100% Drug FREE – Dream Dots contains NO acids, NO chemicals, NO active ingredients that will dry out, damage, or irritate your skin!
  • Safe For Sensitive Skin – Dream Dots contain NO parabens, fragrances, dyes, latex, drugs or any drying ingredients!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not blown away by how well Dream Dots work, simply return the package for a no-hassle refund – guaranteed!

Over 2.5 MILLION Dots Sold & Counting!

Why All The Buzz About Dream Dots? Well…

“Exactly What I Needed!”

I love this product! I am always picking on my pimples because I have small pores and they hurt under my skin when coming out. This not only blends with my skin making the redness of the spot almost invisible but in one day I notice a decrease in pain and inflammation as it kills and absorbs the infection. It stays on for long as well whether you workout or rinse/touch your face, I usually switch mine after 8 hrs or until it turns white. Your spots will disappear before they even come out if your skin is anything like mine. I have combination skin oily and dry, also a little sensitive at times, so Dream Dots is exactly what I needed! 

Jen S.

“LOVE The Dots!”

I really love these little dots! They are the only ones that virtually disappear on my skin. These have definitely cut down on healing time and the compulsion to pick at spot and make so much worse. I will say some of the similar products out there work pretty well but are more visible. This is ok at night, but not as much during the day. I love these dots!

Leslie M.

“Seriously MAGIC – The Best Thing I’ve Ever Used!”

These little dots are the best thing I’ve ever used! They make a HUGE difference with pimples and blemishes like nothing I’ve used before. There is no chemicals or medicine on the pad. I used one of these dots on a BIG pimple the  night I got them and when I woke up the next morning I was in awe and really excited at the difference. I never expected them to work as well as they do! They seal to your skin creating like a second skin and the ooze and pus seep into the dot to be thrown away after removal. I also like the transparency of the dots and how it is almost completely invisible on my skin tone. I don’t know who thought this up but thank you…they really are like magic!