What are pimple patches?

First of all, let’s talk about what pimple patches are.


Generally speaking, pimple patches, which are sometimes referred to as acne healing patches, are small, translucent stickers you adhere to a pimple or breakout.


The stickers are a type of hydrocolloid dressing (which has long been used in the medical world to promote proper wound healing), and they work by absorbing excess fluid and pulling out the debris from inside the breakout.


A hydrocolloid dressing is something that’s really healing to the skin. It creates an environment that’s going to protect the skin and help it heal while the active ingredient gets in.


Do pimple patches really work?

The idea of a sticker that absorbs impurities and heals pimples might sound too good to be true, but it does work.


For starters, the hydrocolloid dressing in and of itself helps to draw out the impurities in a breakout,


Another benefit of the patches is that while it’s stuck to your skin, it’s going to prevent you from picking it. ... Picking can increase inflammation and healing time and increase the risk for infection and scarring. So, if you have a tendency to pick these dots are going to help.


Each acne patch target just where it needs to be, and the nice normal skin doesn’t get affected. With gel or cream spot treatments, it’s easy to apply more than needed, which could result in irritation of healthy skin around a breakout.


Should you try them?

If you’re prone to picking at your zits, they’re particularly helpful, as they prevent the temptation to pop. And if you deal with regular breakouts and pimples, you’ll probably have success with them.