Zap Your Zits, No Matter Where They Are - Face Map Dream Dots


You can thank your hormones and your mother for that big honker on your chin every month. Most acne in this area is hormonal and the sad news is that oral contraceptives that are prescribed for acne control don’t always work well. Instead, make sure to keep your skin clean and reach for your Dream Dots it will stop the urge to touch and squeeze it. 

Zits on your cheeks aren’t super common on ladies but, with men, they’re a lot more prevalent. Oil glands become hair follicles, and men grow a lot of hair around their cheeks.Since there is a lot going on within these glands, it’s easier for them to get clogged. But, cleansing and Dream Dots over 1-3 nights will clear them right up.


There is nothing worst than a zit burrowed in our ear. There isn’t really a reason why they happen — they’re just one of those pesky issues that pop up to make our lives hell. Check for dirty ear phones or cell phones as they could be the cause. Bacteria wipes at the ready!


Here’s a newsflash: Booty bumps aren’t typically acne. They actually tend to be a condition called keratosis pillaris, which is when the protein keratin clogs your hair follicles. That’s a bummer for anyone hoping to rid your bum of acne because keratosis pillars isn’t that easy to treat. Make sure to wear fabric in your underwear that does not irriate your skin or make you sweaty down there. Dream Dots will heal and protect the spots from your clothes rubbing and they also make those spots and ingrown hairs look invisible -  Bikini saviour! 

This area is where there is the densest population of large oil glands and this is why they tend to get inflamed so easily. Make sure to cleanse the nose area thoroughly making sure to clean right into the crease sides of the nose. Use a mild toner or cold compress to close the pores after.  Now that we are coming into summer be sure to also clean your sunglasses regularly especially around the nose contact area as they might have a build up of dirt, sweat and makeup on them.