'Your new best friends'

Suzanne Jackson 


'A handbag must have'

Rosanna Davison Quirke


'My favourite spot treatment'

Sinead Cady

how to apply DREAM DOTS


Step One

Clean and dry the area of skin you wish to apply the Dream Dot acne patch. Tear off one square of backing paper from the pack. 


Step Two

Centre the Dream Dot over the spot. Remove half of the backing paper. Place the sticky side down onto the skin and remove the remaining paper. 


Step Three

Press down on the Dream Dot for at least 15 seconds making sure to seal the edge of the patch with the skin. Leave on for up to 10 hours.

dream dots acne patches for acne pimples and breakouts


For use at the night or during the day, Dream Dots can even be used under makeup. On contact with the spot Dream Dots patented gel begins to absorb and lock in the pore fluid. A moist healing environment is formed maintaining ideal PH balance, temperature control and hydration levels which leads to faster healing. The pimple pain is reduced as nerve endings are protected and cushioned in this moist condition. The Dream Dot will swell and turn white overnight as it absorbs spot fluid giving you visible results when you remove it in the morning. Unlike spot creams, acne gels and ointments Dream Dots won't dry out, sting or hurt your skin. Dream Dots cover dots are breathable, flexible, durable, and feature a unique, opaque satin lining so it conceals while you heal. Acting as a second skin once sealed the Dream Dot conforms to any contour of the face. Dream Dots treat spots, zits and pimples on target using no harsh ingredients yet gives dramatically powerful and effective results.

Every girl needs to have Dream Dots in her purse. They're a total lifesaver. Dream Dots take care of the pimples in a matter of hours, but don't leave you with flaky, dry, irritated skin. You wake up in the morning with your pimple gone—I mean everyone needs this! And as a bonus, the stickers cover up the red, raised bumps and smooth them out so you can apply makeup on top of them.

Taylor O.

Before, I was very self-conscious about my skin—I would avoid making eye contact with people and would even hide my face. Dream Dots has cleared my blemishes up. Now I want people to look at me; I want people to notice how clear my skin is.

Jinny C.

When I have pimples, I have a strong desire to pick or pop them and I always want to touch them all the time. When I have Dream Dots on, it covers the area completely. Even if I wated to touch or pop them, my pimples aren't accessible to me at all. It's incredibly easy. You see the difference in your pimples after just a few hours. I peeled the stickers off my blemishes and they were noticeably smaller and less red.

Jordan S.